Evening Star Camping Resort
Camp with us, under the evening stars...

Halloween Weekend #2

Friday, Oct. 19
6 pm Hay Rack Ride

Saturday, Oct. 20
10 am Hay Rack Ride
11 am Halloween Crafts at Lg. Pavilion
12 noon Games at Lg. Pavilion
3 pm Parade begins at Office
4 pm Wiener Roast & Potluck at Lg. Pavilion
5 pm Trick or Treating
7 pm Haunted House on the Hill (Hay Rack Ride will take you there and bring you back.)
8 pm Witch Burn & DJ - Scarecrow & Site Decorating Contest Winners 

Sunday, Oct. 21
10 am Fire Truck Ride 

Any non-paid campers need to stop by the office 
for a $5 guest pass and you can participate.   
 Happy Halloween!  

Next weekend is our final family fun weekend.  Next Saturday we will have our Harvest Potluck. 

Carts go into storage on Sunday in Pavilion.  Thanks for a great season everyone!!  See you in 2019...watch here for updates with our 2019 schedule.  It's nearly finished!

**Please remember to clean up after your pets and keep them on leash. 

If you need to reach Janet, our Office Manager, please call the office at:

 (309) 562-7590.

Someone will be right with you. 

Enjoy your weekend!